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Bob Peak was born in Denver, Colorado and grew up in Wichita, knew from an early age that he wanted to be a commercial illustrator. He majored in geology at the University of Wichita (nka Wichita State University) and got a part-time job in the art department of serving in the military during the Korean War, Peak transferred to the Art Center.

In the novel “Peak” written by Roland Smith are conveyed the important of themes adventure, friends and family and betrayal. The novel “Peak” is a story about a young boy who began climbing and tagging, but this all changes when he is caught and is sent to juvenile detention.

Peak by Roland Smith MAG. BUT peak was jujst truly a terrible book.

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Book Title: Peak / Author: Roland Smith This guide was written by teens for teens to accompany the reading of this "resilience literature." The guide below provides before, during, and after-reading discussion questions to guide reading comprehension and promote dialogue about issues of resilience, trust, independence, family, and community.

Peak book essay
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